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Family Freedom Solutions
Business, Commercial and Project Financing Solutions



Be Completely Out of Unsecured Debt

Save $10,000+ in Interest and 10+ Years of Payments

In as Little as 10-14 Months

Consider Your Options...Avoid Bankruptcy and Stop the Stress Today



DOUBLE Your Gas Mileage - Save the Enviroment

Finally REAL Technology!

Marketing Agent & Mechanic Opportunities

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  1. Families - finance, accelerated debt elimination and freedom strategies
  2. Small to Mid-Size Businesses - finance and expense reduction and recovery services 
  3. Small to Large Businesses and Projects - commercial finance, project finance and self-liquidation strategies [Note: Business, commercial and project needs are served through our associate, Jordan Company, LLC.]
    1. Mortgage and Debt. Significantly accelerate the elimination of your mortgage and other debts. Find out more.
    2. Taxes and Expenses. Minimize tax liability and reduce other expenses. Find out more.
    3. Income. Proven, innovative home-based business and income opportunities. Find out more.
    4. Foundation. Start your own tax-exempt Family Foundation. Find out more.
    5. Education. Get educated on multiple facets of family finance, debt reduction, asset protection, tax minimization, business, etc. Find out more.
  • Accelerated Mortgage and Debt Reduction. Access tools, programs, strategies, software, courses, education and services than can help you be debt-free (including your mortgage) in 1/3 the time, saving you $50,000 or more in interest, without affecting your lifestyle! Find out more.
  • Unsecured Debt Elimination. Need debt relief now? Looking for an alternative to CCCS, settlement, and bankruptcy? This may be the debt elimination alternative you are looking for. Find out more.

CREDIT RESTORATION - Average Score Increase of 127 Points!

  • Unmatched Results. Our preferred credit restoration, or credit improvement, solution utilizes representation by highly experience consumer credit law attorneys who compel the credit bureaus to strict adherence to the consumer credit law. That's why our credit fix service gets results while others do not. Find out more.
Home loan programs and lenders are a dime a dozen...so, what's the difference? The difference from one lender to another is typically who is willing to stretch the truth the most to get your business.
We, at MoneyMax Financial Solutions, Inc., are in the business of empowering people with the means and mindset to create a lasting legacy. We assist clients with mortgage planning and equity optimization. We use mortgage lending along with equity acceleration and debt elimination strategies to bring our clients real, substantial, life-changing solutions that a mortgage loan by itself cannot provide.
So instead of a marketing gimmick, with MoneyMax, you get a Home Loan PLUS a Money-Maximizing Financial Solution that will help you turn debt into weatlh.
  • Access to NO DOC and FULL DOC Business Lines of Credit and Loans. Find out more.
  • Access to some of the most lenient SBA lending in the industry. Find out more.
  • Sell cash flow - accounts receivable, invoices, credit card receipts, etc. Find out more.
  • Worker's comp, telecom, utility, waste disposal. Recover $1,000's for FREE. Find out more.
  • Business process outsourcing, outsourced HR, business valuation, tax preparation and more. Find out more.



NOTE: Business Finance Consulting and Commercial and Project Lending are handled through our associate, Jordan Company, LLC

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